Kustom Kasino Strat Reviews 4

I bought it slightly used at Music Go Round when I basically knew nothing about guitars. I bought it for $90.

I like the fact that it was cheap and is durable while jamming in my bedroom thinking i was a much better guitarist than i was at the time. Now three years later i still use it but basiacly for clean stuff. it has a nice bright rich sound, but a pickup change would really make it sound better. also that would get rid of some of the noise (if u bought fender noiseless pups) black gloss finish is nice and thick.

pups hum and have a lot of feedback under gain, i really dont like a poplar body wood but for $90 im not as fussy

it had a previous owner so i really dont know how much they used it but it was in great condition it has some knicks and dinds but still is working fine 3 years later

i have improved drastically since i first bought this guitar. kasino strat is really a great beginner guitar, it was my first and i will keep it til i die for that reason alone. i now have a much better ibanez rg520. i give it a 4 since its not perfect and nothing really is but it an awsome value, makes a great begginer guitar only

Eric rated this unit 4 on 2003-08-10.

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