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If it went bad on me, I probably wouldn't replace it because I hardly play live anymore, but when I did, it was great having this amp and a Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier half/fullstack to go between, depending on the gig. [read more on Audiofanzine]

ericthegreat rated this unit 4 on 2012-01-13.

I have been playing off and on for forty years, but have just taken it back up seriously over the last 5 years. I play acoustic and vintage rock and blues mostly for personal enjoyment. You are never too old to make that first stage appearance!

Purchased from McVay Music in Cranberry Twp., PA from my buddy Bill. Paid around $600.00 for the 32 watt model.

Looks cool with black tuck and roll vinyl on the head. Sturdy construction and gives that great tube sound, either clean or that super crunchy blues tone we all strive for. Comes with a footswitch for Lead/Rythm, Boost for lead work, and Effects for a pretty good sounding reverb. Individual controls for both rhythm and lead sections give a lot of options for sound and tone. Easy instruction manual for those of us who are challenged with electronics or new to the upper end amp game.

I wish it had more effects, but the tubes produce a great crunch or distortion and the reverb is super for the type of playing that I do. so far, nothing else to dislike.

Solid, it feels like it would take a lot of road punishment, yet is compact and very versitile for small gigs and venues.

I believe this amp would be comparable to a Fender Reverb. It appears that Kustom has gone back to its roots with an attempt to re-introduce a great tube sounding amp that provides miles of tone. If you are in the market for a tube amp, you should try one of these before you spend extra money on a more familiar brand.

Bill Lazor rated this unit 5 on 2006-03-09.

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