Kustom Dual 35 DXF Reviews 4

paid about $399au($800 with guitar,case ect) i had $800 to spend shit gear and 3 hours before i left and wouldn't get a chance to buy new gear for the next 3 months, it was this or an ahston

love the Celsetion speaker tone tone tone and the built in FX, it is a great little unit. very loud for a 30w amp. had read lots of stuff saying this amp sucked it doesn't although the dirty chanel is crap on high gain i'll just get a stopbox and use it clean. good 3 frequency EQ, odd little button to switch between pre-amp styles is good to change sound of amp. mic it up and u got a styl'n amp for small gigs

dirty chanel turns to fuzz above 3/4 on the gain, FX's are not switchable,have to select one and turn on/off. has a volume for both chanels but one input so you have to watch the volume on both when switching.

this amp is heavy!! 20mm paricle board. good rubber/plastic corners nice looking vinel covering and tweed cover over speaker front. generaly well made. survied bouncing around in the back of my ute for 150kms of shit road so it will prob out live my need for this amp

great amp for the beginer/intermeadiate. but if u want a tonne of distorstion get a pedal. have giged and will again

Mmmmm guitar rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-06.

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