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I got to try this at a music store and liked the sound and features. Lowest price is at Gear 1 Music; #134.95 with $9 shipping. I had ordered it from Music 123 who graciously refunded the difference when I found the lower price!

It is small enough to fit nicely with the entire band's stuff into my car. The sound is full and solid, airy and well-dispersed. Listen, I tried the Ultrasound amps, the Roland, and for the money, this thing is the greatest! The chorus and reverb are fine, and the feedback notch works well. My only wish is that the mic input was XLR with perhaps phantom power--like my other amps for acoustic guitar--A Fender Acoustasonic Jr. and a Carvin AG-100. So Last Friday I did a restaurant gig with my trio, and left the PA at home, letting each memeber sing through his instrument amp. It was great. Less to carry and a better sound image. The Tolex is fragile, too, so you can eith make or buy a cover (Kustom does not carry one) or do what I did: pull a t-shirt over it.

See above. The best thing about this is the price for such a good-sounding acoustic guitar amp. Like all guitar amps, it should have onbord compression. Someday maybe... Beware the customer support, though---everybody says it's either rude or non-existant. Kustom--you make some nice stuff---so wise up and treat your clients better!

Solid wood with heavy plastic corner guards. Nice, organic color scheme, wide leather handle, not too ergonomic but luckilly this thing is light. Plug-in IBM standard power chord. Headphone jack, direct output, FX insert.

The best cheap acoustic amp out there. Prime is a close second, Johnson amps are cheaper, but they seem funky to me. I bought this to do a job and it does it wll. I like looking at it. It makes a piezo=equipped acoustic roar through a restauarant! It can serve for any coffeehouse gig, for guitar and vocal (provided you bring a phone to XLR adaptor and don't need phanto power, that is). I give it a B+ for dependability, sound, compactness and features.

Doug Jones rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-06.

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