Kustom KGA 10 Watt Portable Amp Reviews 4

Mars Music.com. It came as a package deal with a Squire Stagemaster HSS for $200. The amp regularly cost about $45.

It has a good range of sounds. It has three knobs controlling Tone, Distortion, and Volume. It gets loud enough to get my parents to complain upstairs. Distortion has a nice crunch to it, and the clean channel sounds like an acoustic. Easy to get the sound you want. It's great as a practice amp or a beginner amp. Also has an open back to store cables in when moving around.

Squeals too much when the distortion knob is turned all the way up. Could help if it had a few more control knobs. Also could use CD in jack to play along to.

Very good quality. It fell 5 feet off my bookshelf and left a nice dent in the floor and still works fine.

This is an excellent amp if youre just starting off.

Rob W. rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-12.

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