Kustom KGA10 Amp Reviews 5

bought online, payed $39, small amp perfect for practicing

small and very portable, enough sound for practicing in your house (10 watts). Has everything u need for effects - gain- voice-volume - overdrive. has alot of crunch.

not for you if you want a loud amp. only 10 watts but that usually does the job.

very good construction, very durable, this thing has been dropped, shaken, fallen over 100s of times (dont ask why). still as perfect as the day i bought it.

if you want a small 10 watt amp to practice in ur bedroom or in a house this is a perfect amp, u can find it online for $39 so if ur looking for a cheap practice amp, this is it. if u want a louder sound with more effects with isnt what u want, although u can get the acoustic, to folk, to heavy metal sound all on this amp.

ardvarky rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-20.

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