Kustom KLA 10 Reviews 5

I paid $30 for this amp off of ebay. I got it because it was cheap and I thought it was a thirty watt amp (the person selling it misled me :( I wish it was 30 because it's such a great amp!

I like a lot about this amp. It's clean channel has a great sound, and the distortion is even better. It's a pleasant surprise for a 12 watt, three knob amplifier. Its also pretty loud for a practice amp especially through my proco rat dist. pedal.

The only thing to not like about this amp is that it only has three knobs-gain, voice and volume, but that is acceptable as it is a practice amp and it still sounds damn good. Also some days it sounds better than usual. must be the humidity or something.

This amp is very well built. I have an older model, and I don't know about the newer ones, but I've heard and read stories about people dropping this amp off a bookshelf and it still working. I haven't abused it like that. I have had no problems whatsoever.

If you are a beginning guitarist looking for a first amp or someone whos been playing for years and needs a practice amp, this is it. Great price for a great amp.

James Hayes rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-31.

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