Kustom WAZ 2x12 Reviews 5

I have been playing blues, rock, jazz, and gospel for over 30 years. I have played bass but love the 6 string. I have played in bands and orchestras for quite a few years.

I bought the Kustom Wav 2x12 off ebay for 260.00. I had a Fender Ultimate Chorus but it just did not sound good to me. I needed a variety of tones .

The tube driven clean/lead gives me the jazz sound I want. The crunch settings respond well with a high graney lead that is just super. I can set up 12 different sounds and they all seem to deliver what I want according to the style I play at the time. I play a Washburn J6 Montgomery jazz box and a WI66V solid body and they both sound super through this 130 watt powerhouse.

I like everything about this amp.

The unit is heavy and is built to take many gigs on the road. I would recommend a case to protect it when the 'crew' gets a little behind.

I can tell you that Kustom has done it again as it has for so many years. This is s functional jazz, blues, rock, whatever amp that delivers clear as a bell tones and offers tube driven leads that just sound great.

Greg D. rated this unit 5 on 2006-03-20.

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