Kustom KGA65DFX Reviews 4

I got this Amp on Ebay because it was only $130 and I had read good reviews on it. I figured for that cheap I can't loose.

It looks great, is not too heavy and the clean is really clean and the distortion can be almost any way you like it. The tone controls have really range and it is really loud for 65 watts. It is way louder and cleaner than the amps I tried costing much more like the Line 6 Spider and Modeling amps costing around $600. It is Super clean and sweet and the overdrive is as nasty or light as you want it to be. The effects work well and add what you want for anything in a practice session. The sound is great and you can get 2 of these and use a stereo effects processor and have a perfect stereo rig that can play many gigs with out having to run it through the PA, cause it is really loud and clear.

You can't really use the different effects live as you have to turn a knob and dial in the level for each effect. The Footswitch is good if you just want a clean sound and a distortion sound and the ability to switch on and off the one effect you want to use for both the clean and overdrive channel. But that is why even the pros use different stomp boxes onstage through the effect loop. I have a Old Digitech RP1 and through this amp it is Awesome. Really no amp has a easy to use way of switching through the various effects.

The construction is decent I see no flaws. Though sometimes when I turn the amp on the effects don't come on til I turn it on and off 1 to 3 times. I wont use them live so no big deal.

A great sounding visually appealing versatile Amp that is easy to carry and has a sound like a 2-12 amp when you turn it up, Really! I rated it a 4 because of the effects not always working when I turn it on. If it weren't for that I would rate it a 5.

R. Langford rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-22.

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