Kustom KSC12M 12-Inch Floor Monitor Reviews 5

I bought my Kustoms (two) about 7 months ago and paid $79 from Musicianís Friend. Now they are on sale for $69, an even better buy. I looked at several brands to replace my old Peavey 12 inch with a small pizo. Most brands cost twice as much as the Kustoms but I doubt they could perform any better. My group plays Country and Classic Rock (four piece) and I have a PA system (and power) that can work at high volume levels and the Kustoms not only sound great but also handle all the power Iíve pushed on them. Bottom line is if you need a great monitor for a budget price look no further than the Kustom KSC12M 12-Inch Floor Monitor

They are economical to buy and perform as promised. The new models have switchable impedance between 8 & 16 ohm. Also a volume level.

Wish they had a carpet covering but for this price I have no complaints

Well built cabinet with a metal grill. Well protected speaker.

Canít beat it for the price

Slingerland Drummer rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-23.

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