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I am a magician and storyteller, who waslooking for a portable sound system. I had two requirements a good price and good sound quality. I had looked at different systems but they were all too expensive and were to large to be considered portable and all provided a minimum amount of flexibility. I was debating changing my requirements, when I visited a music store having their yearly tent sale. I found the Kustom PA System with carrying case for 270 dollars.

You do not need to have a B.A in sound engineering to learn to work this system. The instruction manual is easy to read and explains everything thoroughly. This system is so portable and easy to setup that I carry it to all my functions. I have set it up in living rooms, backyards, school auditoriums and libraries. I use one wireless microphone and a CD player, but the opportunity to expand or change, as I need to is there. With four XLR microphone inputs that boast Phantom power, one guitar input and five line level inputs; this system provides the portability and flexibility the other more expensive systems do not. The case has extra space in it for other small sound equipment (C.D. Player, microphone etc.) and the zippered compartment allows for storage as well.

I have no real dislikes only a few concerns. I am wondering how long the carrying case, the wheels and the handle will hold up. I do not hear much of a difference, when I switch from small room to large hall. However for the price I paid and the quality of the sound I am getting these concerns are only minor.

All the controls are easy to reach and are easy to understand; very user friendly. The color, size and shape of the system make the system very unobtrusive. Except for the case the system is very sturdy and looks very durable.

I am very pleased with this system. I have no regrets and would have gladly paid full price for the system and carrying case. The excellent price, portability and flexibility make it an outstanding system. I know anyone looking to sound and look professional, without having to hire a sound engineer and your own road crew; will find the Kustom system is the answer.

Martin rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-07.

I paid $349 for this PA unit

This PA system came to be surprisingly great i was searching the net for a cheap PA system that i could use with a few instruments but mainly vocals for my small studio and i wasn't looking for anything loud or anything special but when i opened this baby up i found that i got more then i wished for. the sound from this PA is very good and its 24 bit digital built in processor works up to its name.

Well theres almost nothing i dont like about the PA since i expected it to be cheaper then i thought but it came out to be real great. except that i wouldn't mind if it would have came with stands but those are extra $$$ and i can get those later

The Quality of the unit is very sterdy it can handle your though situations and it wont break down on you unless you decide to through it off a roof but the construction feels and looks like it can hold its self and its stylish.

Angel rated this unit 5 on 2002-05-13.

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