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I purchased this complete PA System from my local Guitar Center Store in Knoxville, TN. The price of this package, which came with a rolling canvas gig bag, was $399.00. This is a Christmas present for my husband who sings for local civic organization events and is a soloist at our church. He was also looking for a portable PA system to use at sales meetings.

What's not to like! The sound that comes from this 100 watt stereo system is crystal clear and puts out more than enough volume to entertain a small crowd of 150 people. With four XLR mic inputs that boast Phantom power, one acoutic guitar input and five line level inputs, this is the perfect portable unit for a gospel guartet, local band, or soloist. And talk about digital effects (yes, this is included in the $399.00 price tag), the reverb is asounding! Did I mention there are also echo and chorus effects? You can even set the control knob for a large hall or small hall. Each chanel can be individually controlled for optimum balance and sound, but there are also several master controls for such functions as volume and reverb. Yes, there is a three band EQ (not just two)! Set up is a snap, and the rounded shape of the speakers (no sharp corners)makes this system look very modern and sleek. The two line array speakers spead the sound throughout the room and allow the sound to travel out, rather than up. There is also output, as well as the input. The built in handles are ergonomic in design and make carrying the pieces for set up very easy. All cables for the speakers are included with the unit. Just plug in your own mics and sing, play or talk all night long! The speakers are ready to set on one inch mic or speaker stands, which can be purchased separately. The gig bag carries all the components of this system and includes a pull up handle and rollers for easy transport of the unit. Other PA systems must be carried, but we roll right along with this system. It may be a starter system as far as watts are concerned, but it is far superior than a starter system in its large sound and many features. If you are speaking or performing for smaller groups, this is the unit for you.

I think a hard case would better protect the system, but for the price, I am happy to be provided with my canvas rolling bag. The unit is a little hefty at about 50 pounds, but rolling it is easy.

The unit is contructed in a molded plastic body that is ergomanic in design and very stylish. The handles for each piece are large and well placed. This unit is much more appealing than the black, square cornered, units that are designed strictly for functionality and durability rather than eye appeal. Kustom did a great job in combining all of these features in a very sleek looking casing.

What a bargain! This is not the system for a large audience, but for small to medium group settings, there are alot of quality features to this system. It sounds as good as it looks. This is a deal!

Jackie Gray rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-19.

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