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Wow this is the first I've seen LTD a company made famous by ESP making acoustic guitars. The guitar comes in a few finishes but the one I test drove was white. I have not seen a white acoustic since an 80s power ballad music video. Hey I guess in time everything comes around again.

I have a few hours time spent with this guitar. This acoustic electric is priced for the taking at $199

Price and looks. For $199 you really can't get much better bang for your buck in an acoustic with a pickup. The onboard tuner is not essential, but is definitely a cool feature if you are looking for a grab and go guitar to take out to an Open Mic etc. The guitar is made out of a combination of a Spruce top with mahogany back and sides. The headstock has a 'groovy' angle to it. The tuners and hardware on the guitar are rock solid and ready to play.

The overall unplugged tone isn't the greatest in the world, but to be far I was comparing it to guitars 3-5 times more expensive.

No loose ends that need to be mentioned. Decent fretwork. I took a look inside the body and there were no lazy glue spills etc.

A get up and go jam acoustic. It looks cool and is at a cool price. Great if you're looking for a budget instrument to go play out.

billy rated this unit 4 on 2011-04-17.

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