LTD Essex EG-161 CSB Reviews 5

Bought from Rondo Music - ($159.95) Great guitars, great prices

I love the finish on this guitar, it's very well done and I couldn't find any flaws. The sound is thick and rich, very smooth. For an LP copy, this is way to go for the price... Even more expensive guitars I've seen, don't look this nice.

I couldn't find anything wrong with the guitar when I got it. Only thing was the strings were not in tune and the pick gaurd was loose... but thats zero problem.

It feels solid, its pretty heavy coming in around 10 lbs. The strap buttons hold well and feel secure. The hardware is very nice aswell, all chrome and top notch. Fretboard was nice, no fret edges and the inlays seemed to be installed very nicely. Logo was on straight too :)

This is a great guitar, not only for beginners I would recommend it to anyone that wants a fun LP copy to jam on. Great price for this quality. Don't hesitate to buy one of these.

Taylor Stephens rated this unit 5 on 2002-06-26.

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