La Patrie 6-String Reviews 3

This guitar was a gift so I don't know how much it cost. Probably bought in Ottawa for under $200.

Low action, okay build quality for its price range. Pretty accessible -- I didn't play guitar at all before I received this guitar as a gift and it didn't make me intimidated about starting.

Very, very thin sound. No pickup. The fingerboard is wide, feeling almost like a classical, but also very thin, so bar chords are a bit awkward, like your hand is being stretched sideways.

Not great, but not horrible either.

This made for a decent startup guitar. However, given its strange neck dimensions, it would also be a misleading first guitar to have, since its wide neck made for larger string spacing than usual. The small body and unknown wood meant a thin sound -- later on, I just started stringing this thing with electric strings for slinky playing, and used it strictly as a songwriting tool.

Derek Mok rated this unit 3 on 2003-11-17.

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