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over 20 years I have played in LA on and off. That being said I know my shit pretty well.

I was 12 and possibly in VA. Got the unit as it was cheap.

It is not a colorful thing. Like the NS10's for keyboards + a little low end of course. As a kid it was a great way to hear what things heard like properly. For Instance: Whatever you put through a Chorus Rev it winds up with similar qualities, be it a direct Rhodes or Jaco on heavy dope. Either way it sounds like a damn Chorus Reverb. The Lab Series sounds good but a tiny bit dull. This is great as you want the keyboard to make the sound not the amp. EQ around the higher frequencies and you will be fine.

it is in storage while I fuck around with Fender.

my shit is good

I am looking for a reaction as my Lab Series K5 gear is so rare. rated this unit 5 on 2006-07-09.

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