Labsystems SS600HP Plus Cabinet 610HP Reviews 5

i purchased this amplifier with the speaker cabinet directly from the factory, since there was nota distributor for this brand. so for various reasons i cannot tell the price i paid, but i know more or less the price it is going to cost in europe....the cabinet would be 1600 euro and the amp would be more or less like 1500 euro.

the one thing i like is that it doesn't color the sound of my bassguitar. it lets the instrument speak and breathe...only problem is that it tells me excactly what is a good bass and what is not:(. the amp delivers more power than all the amps i ever heard. it produces more headroom and power than for example the SWR 750 head or the eden stuff...i played eden before, but in the low end the labsystems wins without any doubt. and the cabinet......all i can say is to be silent for all the other brands selling in europe..labsystems is coming...and hard!...never i heard such a smooth cabinet with this power. ps. the ss is a solis state amp and preamp....never heard anthing warmer than this amp.

they send the power cord from australia..240 volts, but here in holland and germany we use a different plug.

rigged. it is hand build and they used FETs similar to the ones used in the airforce and army. i think this amp will last me the rest of my carreer. and i already play for 19 years.

i think any bassplayer who loves his sound of his bassguitar should spend some time to find a retailer in the area to hear this!!!!!! labsystems is years ahead in time....

remigio rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-12.

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