Lado 1984 Earth 2003 - Custom Built Reviews 5

About 10 years ago, I bought this guitar from a yard sale as a body only. The price was ridiculously low ($75 CDN). Since I already owned another hand-made Lado (1978 H-Series), I immediately recognized it as being a quality, hand-made Lado instrument worth easily 20 that much or more once rebuilt. I snatched it up immediately. After contacting Lado, I found out that this particular guitar had been custom-built in 1984 and sold for $3200 CDN. I set out to rebuild it. I had it repainted black (its original color), added black chrome hardware, a Floyd Rose w/ locking nut, EMG-81 in Bridge, EMG-85 in the neck.

This is a beautiful guitar, and I like everything about it. The look if this guitar is rather funky, reminiscent of the Gibson Explorer / Ibanez Destroyer series. This is a link to the Earth 2002( on the Lado web site. The 2003 is a minor variation on this body style. Lado Earth series guitars were extensively used by Adrian Smith, former guitarist for Iron Maiden. This guitar sounds absolutely amazing. There are no words to describe the sweet sounds produced by this finely crafted instrument. The tone, clarity, and sustain must be heard to be believed.

The only thing I don't like about this guitar is the weight. It's large and heavy, but that greatly contributes to it's beautiful tone and amazing sustain. And I would have to say that this is rather a minor complaint. It weight no more than a Les Paul, and sounds infinitely better

The action is the best of any guitar in any proce range I have ever played. PERIOD! This guitar was personally hand-built by Joe Kovacic (the J.K. in J.K Lado), master luthier. Joe makes some pretty rockin' instruments. The masterfully crafted neck-through design is very comfortable to play, right to the 24th fret. As a matter of fact, it is so well built that you could easily play another 4-5 frets if they were there. The strings hover mere millimeters from the frets without any buzzing. The balance of the body is superb, unlike other guitars with similar body styles. Of all the guitars I've owned over the years, my 2 Lado guitars surpass all others for quality workmanship.

This is an amazing guitar. It looks cool, feels fantastic, and sounds even better. The quality craftmanship of Joe Kovacic shines through once again. I have yet to lay hands, eyes, or ears on a finer instrument. If you are serious about your guitar sounds / feel, you MUST get one of these guitars. You OWE it to yourself.

Joe Gilker rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-26.

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