Lakeshore music Tama Rockstar Custom Reviews 5

I bought this kit at a custom drum shop called udrum for about 1500 canadian. it came with roadpro hardware(you can go wrong) and a beautiful green laquer finish, with wood hoops on the bass drum. it looks pro, and sounds pro, even though its deemed an intermediate kit.

the finish was increadible. i wouldnt expect something like this on an "intermediate" kit. the star cast mounts offer a change from the regular R.I.M.S, and they work great. the bass drum is a cannon and the toms are full sounding and easily tuneable. i love the damn thing. doesnt come with an iron cobra...? i really cant think of anything.

great. they have cross laminated seams like starclassics, which makes them insanely strong. they have a 9mm thick 7 ply shell (1 ply basswood, 5 ply phillipine mahogony, 1 ply basswood) which resonates awesome with the star cast suspension unit. its one solid feeling kit.

sorry to all you guys who bought starclassics and pearl masterworks, you wasted your money. if youre looking for a gig-worthy road-worthy beast of a kit that will last you forever, buy the rockstar custom. it looks pro, sounds pro...its just flat out pro. you cant go wrong. plus it comes with the best hardware for you money, roadpro. doooo itttt.

Bakedfreshdaily rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-13.

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