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Lakland is a smaller bass company out of Chicago. The company started in '95 by Dan Lakin and was recently sold in April 2010 to Hanson Musical Instruments. I found a great deal on a Donald Duck Dunn signature model. There are two version of this bass, the US line and the Skyline series which is imported. Recently Lakland changed the names of their artist line to numbers. The correct model number for this is the 44-64, but it's much easier to just call it 'The Duck Dunn Model!' Donald Duck Dunn is known for is Blue Brother's fame as well as countless pop, blues, RandB and rock recordings.

I saw the bass at Sam Ash in NYC. Candy Apple red, rosewood fretboard and block inlays. The instant cosmetic attraction caused me to try it out, but then the amazing tone to back it up is what sealed the deal. I ran into a complete steal and got this bass new for $700. Usually this bass would run around $1099.

The slim neck. You see what they Duck Dunn wanted was a Precision bass copy with a Jazz Neck. I think Bob Glaub's signature Lakland is a the same way. The string through body I feel offers me more sustain and punch.

It's hard to find Lakland basses as they do not mass produce them. I would have liked to have been able to play another side by side to compare, but that option wasn't available.

The quality control, built and craftsmanship of a Lakland bass is that of a Swiss watch! If you don't care for the Lakland sound, look or feel is one thing, but no one can deny how well even the import line is built.

This bass will make you 'Shake Your Tail Feather!' Sorry, couldn't help a Blues Brother's reference.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-02-23.

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