Laney FT100 Tube Fusion Reviews 4

I was looking in a local Ohio music store for a new guitar, and trying various amps with different guitars that I liked the looks of. This small Laney was sitting close by, and it had all the documentation and footswitch pedal on the top of it, so I assumed it was new, or very close to new. After a trip home to get my main electric guitar to test drive the amp, the owner and I came to a deal through a trade situation allowing around $300 for the amp.

The main reason this amp is so good is the "warm" (overused) tube sound produced. I have been using solid state Peavey models that are also wonderful values, but lack the quality of tone that a good tube amp can give a guitar. My intention is to use this little amp for home recording with a couple mikes inches from the speaker grill. If I do my part as a recording tech, the Laney has got the sound to capture. Being the smaller size it is, it'll also be perfect for loading into the back seat of my car, or in the trunk, and visiting other friends that jam together every so often.

The FT100 only has one imput jack, so an additional player must be out of luck, or have his/her own amplification device. I can live with it , and the in/out for effects looping on the back kinda makes up for the single imput.

It looks like this is a very well built amp, but the back side construction of the box and the appearance of the single speaker look abit lightweight. The sound is awesome, so I guess this isn't a problem. The overall look / feel of the unit from the front is very pleasing to my tastes. Silver/black grill cloth up to a very workable silver control panel gives it a classic high dollar look about the amp. The control knobs are smallish, but very easy to see set levels and info. They remind me of the knob sets on the old Telecasters, only like 3/4 size. They have that knurled, chrome retro thing going on. I like 'em alot.

Seems to be a good one. Price on a new model is steep, but if you can locate a deal, and are looking for more of a tube based sound in a confined area, this might be one to check out. I still like my little Peaveys, (twin 8" and a single 10"), but they have nowhere near the character of this Laney TUBE/FUSION amp. I like it so far, but time will tell how well it'll hold up under a load.

David "Ramsa" Buck rated this unit 4 on 2001-11-18.

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