Laney HCM-60R Hardcore Max Reviews 4

Iīm a mexican guy with a metal band. I donīt have enough money for a Marshall, but I heard about this amp. It costs about $300, with a GOOD speaker and power (60 WATTS RMS). I bought it at a YAMAHA LOCAL STORE, at Pachuca Hgo. Mexico

As well I said, i liked the price, affordable for me, a great look, 2-channel each with EQ each one. The big speaker, and a razonable power 60 WATTS RMS , very good for small gigs. Also I liked a lot the clean sound, no as well as a tube amp, but really good for that price.

Well first, the gain so bassy, when it gets loud, it looses the dinamics of guitar, but with a good pedal board or a distorsion pedla you can fix it. A bad thing, specially if you donīt have a acar, is the weight, TRY TO CARRY IT ALONE FOR 30 MIN. JEJEJEJJEEE

Itīs very strong, you can siton it, stan onit, kick it, also has a strong fence to protect the speaker. I also recommend to Laney to put wheels to the model.

IF you are starting a serious band, donīt have a money for marshallīs, or want a different amp with another sounds buy it. I LOVE MY LANEY

Adrian mOrello rated this unit 4 on 2002-09-29.

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