Laney HCM120R Reviews 4

I paid 300 for it from online german store Thomann.

Very loud, can drown out my drummer (120 watt output). Good for most gigs. Looks nice with metal grating on the front. Has a dist. channel with reasonable sound and a reverb feature if you're planning on going the whole Iron maiden. Not overly heavy, just about moveable.

General output sound is designed only for metal. This is called the Laney HCM (hardcoreMax) for a reason, so don't buy it if you're a jazz musician. Credible sound can only really be achieved with an FX pedal.

Very strong and durable. British built so expect high quality and reliability. Never had any problems with it in over 3 years.

A good budget amp for someone who needs a strong reliable amp for gigging. Very good metal amp, though it will never beat a marshall or their ilk. Just don't buy if you're looking for a technically good amp.

Rob, Derby rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-28.

This amp belongs to the band society at my old uni, so I don't know when, where or how much! It's been used loads of times, and still works perfectly.

It's loud, and the controls are well set out and easy to use. It's reliable, too. Unfortunately, that's pretty much all it has going for it.

Whilst the amp is plenty loud enough, the sound quality is horrible. The clean channel sounds flat and artificial, whilst the overdrive channel sounds over processed and tinny. The midrange on it is rubbish, too, and the EQ doesn't seem to make any difference. Considering the range of sounds a guitar can produce, this amp is horribly limited. Only buy this if you play metal; anything clean, bluesy or rocky - forget it. Pedals sound bad, too.

This combo is built like a tank and, being solid state, it's reliable and can be clunked up and down stairs without much hassle. It's a bit heavy, though.

If you want your metal to sound flat, with no dynamism, then buy this amp. If you want to annoy your neighbours, buy this amp. (They'll only be annoyed by the poor choice of amp, though!)

Grumpy of Liverpool rated this unit 2 on 2004-05-21.

After going through college with all these bands, i finally thought found a decent band and decided to puit more effort. when we got gigs i was low on money and my old Marshall stack was beaten down. step forward this mofo! i paid 250 from a guitar dude called craig at his shop, craigs music lol.

the acoustics are amazing, didn't need my delay pedal anymore. the distortion is very poweerful and had crunch factor, thus giving certain moments in a song some textural dynamics. getting a distortion pedal isn't a bad idea though. strong as hell, with metal mesh protecting the two speakers. it's also british built. brialliant, reliable amp for a poor mans price. oh yeah, there is also a nice green light which makes a change from the crappy red one's

man is this mofo heavy. one time after rehearsal me and hill had to carry it down a hill, man that shit is still sore

this baby is strong as hell, with metal mesh protecting the two speakers. my friend who plays in another band keeps breaking the knobs on his vox valve state. won't get that with this

i love my laney. this is a very underated amp. if you play heavy distortion alot, investing in a nice distortion pedal would give you a kick ass, powerful, sweet setup!

Jay Alesi rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-22.

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