Laney HMC10 Reviews 3

Bought it at a shop called "förstärkardoktorn" ( and payed about 600kroner (65usdollar) for it.

It was cheap, has a distortion built in, and you can plugg a cd-player inte i, playing along with any song you might like, you could also plugg the amp into a set of head phones to play in the middle of the night, or a stereo with a couple of good speakers and improve the sound quit a bit.

It is only a 10w amplifier, so you can't play really high without messing up the sound totaly.

10watt amplifier. Dist. function. you can plugg in cd-player, Headphones, speakers or your computer to it.

It works as a practice amplifier, but it leaves you wanting something better.

Fredrik Wahlgren rated this unit 3 on 2004-11-25.

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