Laney Mighty 50 Reviews 4

I bought this item secondhand on the internet for 60 - although I believe new they were/are about 200. I bought it because I wanted a louder amp, not just a little practice thingy.

I love the sound it makes when you turn it up high - although it doesn't distort too much, I does it enough to give a good grungey feel. I also love the aesthetics - probably not too important, but it does look great.

I was a little disappointed in the gain - it can play very loud, but it is not terribly good for a heavy metal style of play. It also seems to have a few tones where the notes are slightly fuzzy; although this could be related to a low quality guitar, cheap strings, a dodgy lead and buying the amp second hand.

It has survived well, it is strong, not too heavy, and attractive. Strangely, it seems to smell very strongly of cigarettes - don't know who that could be blamed on. <g>

A good guitar for jamming, playing with your mates and trying to outplay the stereo system, when listening to your favourite band. Not as good for performances or for lead guitar in a metal band.

Chris Lowry rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-29.

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