Laney TT50 New Reviews 5

Bought New in London England for 720.00 from Music4Worship.

All Valve A/B circuit one 12 inch Celestion custom driver. For those of you who are sick and tired of Modelling Amps, you should look no further than the Laney stable of pure British Valve amps. My first was the beautiful VC30 212 which I still own and after putting a couple of Celestion Vintage 12@ drivers into from an old Orange amp that I also own, replacing the awful HH drivers, the sound improved by about 1000%! However, the New TT50 already comes with Celestion driver so they have learnt. You do not need anything else other than the amp and a good axe. You do not need any pedals as the sound of this monster is just incredible in all channels. The clean channel is perfect as is the 'blues'/crunch channel and the wipe 'em out sreaming rock channel I very rarely use as it is just too big!

Absolutely nothing to dislike! Plug in a laney quad box and you have a monster machine.

This one is constgructed beautifully, not as solid as Orange amps, but all the same i would think that it would take a lot of knocks before packing it in. Laney have listened and have tilted the speaker back a tad for when standing in close quaters and you can hear the real sound.

Laney have been the underdog to the biggies such as Vox, Orange, Fender, Marshall for many years, but with this new TT range, they have taken over especially that they have managed to keep the price down. A comparable Orange amp or Vox would be almost twice as expensive. I began with the VC30, then bought 2 LC15s and now the TT50 and would not sell any of em. I have been through many amps since going to laney, Orange, Vox, Engl, Fender and MArshall, now I only own Laney and an Orange that does not have any speakers! Do yourself a favour!!

The Earl of Moon rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-14.

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