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Music Workshop, Belmont Victoria Australia paid $800 (reduced from $1200) aust. dollars Needed something portable enough to cart around for gigs, but something with enough grunt for those nights where you need to play straight out of the amp (no "micing" it up)and something that didn't lose tone at a higher volume

this is the warmest tube preamp i've come across to date... I bought this over a marshall valvestate 2000, because of the richness in tone and that classic sound. for all those metal heads out there and for the few who prefer a transistor sound, the "vibe" controll bypasses the tube entirely and provides an instant solid state amp...It's like buying two amps in one! Mine stays pretty much constantly on the tube setting, which also performs even better the louder you go! seperate eq's for the clean and gain overdrive and gain channel (all controlled with a footswitch) give heaps of control and different sounds, without having to go back to the amp every time, also comes with reverb, send recieve, and headphones jack to keep the housemates happy.

The only real gripes i have with this amp is that it's a single speaker..this is easily fixable by adding a box, but at the moment i don't have the money, and it only takes four ohms...not the easiest to find retail. The other things that could be a little better are a seperate reverb / eq for each of the distortion channels (yes i'm being fussy)they both have seperate "enhance" (tone) and gain controls...but more more more! Apart from that, there's not really anything to complain about.

I'm pretty hard on my equipment, but this little combo has been able to stand up to everything i've thrown at it...the only problem i've had is i blew a couple of fuses on dodgey pub circuit boards...but nothing 40 cents couldn't fix. Soild wood construction, you can tell it's not gonna fall apart the second you try and pick it up...a marshall combo with the same wattags and twin speakers is lighter than the tubefusion, but a small price for the security of knowing that i can sit on it while practising and it's not gonna cave in.

Basicalll the next best thing to a tube amplifier, the tubefusion gives all the tone all the classic crunch of a tube at a lot cheaper cost...the amount of control the player has over the sound that this amp puts out means that it could be used for practically any style of music, and performs for those quiet practise sessions, just jamming with mates and for recording sesions and the live gig scene!

Jason Murdoch rated this unit 4 on 2002-11-07.

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