Laney World Series (c.1972) Reviews 4

swapped if for "travelling costs" with a bass player who wouldn't pay his "wack" for petrol! So I suppose it cost me about£100 in 1994!! I had used it sometimes for lead guitar(it plays bass/lead) and the sound was awesome and I mean AWESOME!

The amp is excellent for bass or lead. It has two channels for either and both are useable(not like the later AOR50). It has no master volume or overdrive. There is just volume, middle, bass, treble and presence. Is it loud?????????? Is the Pope a Catholic? I once cranked it up indoors and blew all the crockery and glasses off the shelves!!!!! It can be VERY loud before it distorts. I play my LP Standard through it via a Marshall Guv'nor and it sounds terrific.

It is huge. About six inches longer than a Marshall 100 Head. The transformer sits near one end and it is f***ing heavy!!!

Built like a tank. It has four EL34's two Mullard and two Pinnacle. All the wiring is point to point, not a PCB in sight. It also has a variable switch for ohms. I play it thru a 2X12 Marshall 200W cab. It is covered in heavy duty vinyl fitted by me. It was bright pink but I saw sense and sprayed it black. Changed pre-amp valves a while back but they weren't the problem. It was the voltage reg.plug!! Apart from that little item it has never given me grief.

Obviously rare now, especially outside UK. But if you see one....grab it!!! Remember no PCB's, all hand wired. Would cost you £2000 these days!!

JOHN E HALL rated this unit 4 on 2002-07-03.

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