Lanikai LM-T Reviews 4

Everyone's trying out a ukulele these days, so I thought why not me? Lanikai is at the top of their game for a great uke.

I've had this about a month, brand new $250. I have seen Lanikais at most of the big name stores. If you can't find them you can also purchase gear directly from their website.

Well I spent the afternoon in a music shop picking up every uke there. I will warn you, if you buy a $50 uke, it will sound like one! The LM-T is a pricier, but it was the only uke I felt that had a full tone. The mids were clear and the highs were crisp. With the uke came a very helpful manual. The tuning is GCEA. Once tuned up I was rocking in minutes with the supplied chord chart.

The nature of the uke strings is they don't hold tune well. This isn't the tuners they are nice Klusons. Regardless an easy fix is to keep a tuner near by.

The LM-T is built from a rock solid mahogany top, back, neck and sides. The fretboard is rosewood. The 17.25' scale is comfortable. Smaller than a guitar, but easy enough to adapt to.

The pick of the litter for ukes. You'll be tempted to buy a bargain one, but trust me, the craftsmanship on the Lanikai's can't be beat!

Billy rated this unit 4 on 2011-09-26.

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