Larrivee D-3R Reviews 5

Bought this guitar (rosewood vs standard mahog) with hard case for $850 in Connecticut. (dealer was going out of buss & had good discounts) I have a treasured old Gibson J-50 and an equally treasured Larrivee OM-9. I do some noisy gigs and hate to put these beauties in harm's way.

This is an "understated looking" dreadnaught and I like the clean "no-pickguard" look. The sound is exceptional with good balance and boom all the way up the neck. The intonation and set up are just right. The action is fine for finger picking or bluegrass pick banging. The neck is slightly wider than my J-50 and a bit faster. But the sound is the big deal. I restrung it with medium Elixers and now it is perfect if you need to fill some space with high-end unplugged guitar.

There is nothing to not like about this guitar if it is action , sound and disposability you are looking for.

The sound-wood construction is very light which yields the warm & loud voice and a nice light guitar. The integrity of this lightness is assured with Larrivee's bracing system ... it is the same as my older OM-9 and there is no rounding or bulging on the top with this system. The buff "un-finished" look finish is well applied and pleasant in that it does not reflect stage lights all over the place.

This is a computer made guitar hence the construction perfection and the really low "cost to sound ratio". Remember, this one is rosewood (back & sides) and has a warmer deeper tone than the standard mahogany ones.

Le Fun Hog rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-28.

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