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I didn't have anything to for a few days so I decided to go to Guitar Center in Littleton Colorado. I had already bought a Taylor Doyle Dykes, a Martin D-41, a Taylor 614CE, and a Martin D-28 in the last three months and I was restless to find a Guitar that would completely satisfy me. Really, only my D-41 and the Doyle Dykes (plugged in of course0, had that magical thing happening that I search for in acoustic guitars. Well anyway, there I am standing in their top of the line humidified room at Guitar Center, my eyes searching the walls as they do for something fetching, when I saw it. The most beautiful guitar I have ever seen in my life was hanging on the far left way up on the third row. My eyes quickly diverted to the headstock, curious to satisfy with a name. Larrivee. I pulled the guitar down from it's wall hangar spinning it slowly in my hands as I did so. My soul jumped as the most increadible looking rose wood, spruce, and mahogany I have ever seen in my life jumped out at me from beneath the delicateness of the guitar's finish. My heart pounded as my mind raced to the ultimate question; Would the guitar play or sound anywhere close to what it looked like? I carefully sat on the nearest black padded bench not daring to disturb this enchanted moment. And then, over come with the curiosity of desire, my hads flew to their appropriate places and began to dance themselves over this guitars strings and fretboard as they had never danced before. And now my new curse is that I constantly crave to play it. I found out after I bought the guitar on that day that I was not alone. That many recent years of bluegrass picking championships had been won on Larrivees. And now I completely understand why. I left quickly going home to pack. I went into my guitar room and without hesitation i loaded up my D-28, my 614 CE, and my Melissa Ethridge Adamas twelve string. Then I drove right back to guitar center and traded all three straight across for the Larrivee.

The choice of tone woods on this guitar are visually incredible. The way it was braced allows it to breathe in a way this utterly magical. The ease with which one can strum or finger pick this guitar is beyond words.

Damned thing was expensive, but so what?

Impeccable attention to detail Precision finish work Finally someone was thinking about setting a guitar up so that it would exceede the ability of the greatest flat pickers in the world. I play in fifteen different tunings which I have found that only special guitars can endure and give life to. This guitar gives and gives and gives. I do love playing it. Chance

Who ever made this guitar obviously loves what they do. The ease with which I am able to strum and finger pick this guitar is beyond dreams. I play in fifteen different tunings which not many guitars can do well with, but this guitar just keeps giving me more.

Chance Paul rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-23.

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