Larrivee D02-12 12 String Reviews 5

I purchased this guitar in 1999 for $447. I picked it because it sounded better than the Martin 12-String I had intended to buy. I purchased the guitar at the RT.18 East Brunswick, NJ Guitar Center. This was my first experience with Larrivee and it was a good experience.

I like the smooth action. I can move up and down the neck with ease. I can fingerpick this 12-String and play Folk, Jazz, and even a little Classical.

I don't like the lack of a real pick guard. Larrivee says you can easily put any one you want on the guitar. I have never got a round to it. If I were a flat-picker, I would buy a pick guard.

This guitar is great and I do not see any more coming out at the price. They originally were listed at $999.00 and the Guitar Center was selling them for $547.00. I received a discount because I told the manager I have two boys and one of them will be needing a guitar or two as he gets older. At this particular store, they take care of whole families. The sound is better than the Martins and other guitars I compared it to. The action is smooth and light. I recommend silk and steel strings for fingerpickers, although I am not using silk and steel presently.

retropete rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-11.

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