Larrivee JV 10-E Reviews 5

I finally own my dream guitar. This guitar was purchased from Guitar Adoptions in Cali. They, along wiht the Larivee staff, were extremely helpful in trying to find this guitar, which is no longer being made in this exact spec.

The most balanced acoustic guitar i've ever played. There's no point in the spectrum where one tone jumps out above the rest. The bass response is incredible. The playability is sick. One of the most shocking features are the overtones that ring through.

its absolutely perfect. wailing or fingerstyle, live or in studio, it is on every time.

beautiful woods, the african ebony fretboard is hot. the inaly work is gorgeous.

one of, if not the nicest guitar i have ever played. try larrivee, you won't be disappointed.

Christoper rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-24.

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