Larrivee L-03 12RE Reviews 5

I bought this Guitar at The Pro Shop in Billings, Montana. I was looking for a great sounding 12 string. It had to be playable up and down the neck and had to be acoustic-electric. I paid about $1000.

I have owned Martin's, and high end Takamine's. I have played Taylors and Gibsons and many others. I have never heard or played any guitar that sounded this good. The B-Band electronics are stunning. The playability is amazing.

This is petty, but I really don't like the case. It only has three clasps and is heavy to carry around.

This guitar comes standard with Spruce top and mahagony back and sides. This model has a rosewood back and sides upgrade. It is all solid wood including the Canadian Maple binding. It features a dovetail neck joint. Construction is top of the line. Comes with a clear Pick guard that really let the beauty of the guitar shine thru.

I am not sure you could find a better guitar at any price. I now have 2 other guitars that I am going to have to sell. I thought they sounded really good until I bought the Larrivee. Now I don't want to play them at all. I am going to purchase a matching 6 string with cut away. I am 100% sold on Larrivee and strongly recommend them to any serious guitar player.

Mark rated this unit 5 on 2005-04-16.

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