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I aquired this guitar in mid-August. I was looking for a good Accoustic guitar with an electric pick-up. So, I went shopping, and in May-June, I happened to (a store in Tallahassee, Fl.). Here I was looking at Alvarez's because a very proficient guitar player I know had an upper end one, which sounded very nice (I'm sure the player had a little do with it). So I went there and to look for an Alvarez, and got pointed at a Larrivee, I played one (a lower end model) and fell in love. Ending price I walked out with one for $941.70 if I remember correctly.

Her body is beautiful to look at, she is made out of a Tazmanian Blackwood, and she has a Koa type of look to her, but a shade darker on the back. The feel is amazing, the action is great, and the sound with Elixers is phenomonal. Also, this unit stays in tune like no other guitar I have ever played. I can put it down, come back a week later and pick it up, and it is still in tune. She is a truely amazing piece of crafting. The B-band pickup in it also sounds very good as well.

Two things I dont like. I would have like to have gotten a cutaway, the model, I believe is available, but is quit a bit more pricy. Also chaning the battery in the pickup is in the soundhole, so it is quite the pain to get too unless you are changing the strings.

This piece of art is immaculate. Very well made, and seems to be very sturdy (It's not like I throw my baby around).

This guitar is beautifully made, and I am glad that the salesman pointed me to her.

Ben rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-12.

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