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Music is art enjoyed everywhere everyday as a form of relaxation, entertainment. we use music to make us feel more alive to express what we feel and think. Music is a hobby that is mentally beneficial stimulating the mind. The LaserVibe brings music to life using laser light forms on the walls, the ceiling, and even in the outdoors where parties and picnics happen. LaserVibe puts the music in motion, enhancing how your senses enjoy music.


LaserVibe is an instrument that will emit laser light, when used in combination with any type of music audio device. The LaserVibe can be connected with any type of home electronic system used to play tunes. You can connect the LaserVibe to any music source such as a computer, radio, all MP3 players, CD players, and DVD players and even to the audio system in your car if you wanted.

Rapid technology changes in music, home theater and in the personal entertainment world have changed how you will experience music. Success in the personal entertainment system is taking huge leaps putting you in the future thanks to LaserRave LLC. LaserRave has creatively completed research and development on the LaserVibe. LaserVibe has been developed to work in conjunction with music, the beat and the feel of any type of music to provide stimulation for the eye and mind as no other audio related product has ever done for entertainment.

EagleEye rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-22.

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