Latin Percussion Cosmic Fiberglass Congas Reviews 4

These are a black fiberglass-bodied pair, quinto and conga, with a double-strut tripod stand. Heads appear to be real skins. I got snagged them for the lady friend, and she is nutz about them, but she's not gigging, just learning her stuff now.

I got them in private sale, at the exit of the local GC, whilst waiting for my receipt to print out for my new bass ! The owner of the drums wanted $75, and GC did not agree .... but, for that price, I was quite agreeable :-)

Well, mainly, SHE loooooves them. Objectively, I'd point out that they are much lighter and easier to transport, cost less than wood .... and are REALLY LOUD.

These days, the same drums are red instead of black. Que sera ...

Stamped hoops, skin heads, fiberglass bodies with metal bottom edges. Slightly smaller diameter heads than typical quinto-conga pair.

Not very classy ... no wood, but very practical, affordable, and did I mention that they're really loud ? Well, they are REALLY LOUD !! I did a bit of research and found that fiberglass congas are not simply a cheapo alternative to wood, but are their own genre, known for potability and loudnesss [did I mention ? they're LOUD !]. Some fiberglass congas retail [street] around $500 *per drum*. These usually retail at about $300 for the pair, with stand, so they are entry level, but they do make a 'grand entrance'. I'm rating them a '4' cuz they're not red ... and also cuz the stand is so good that I suspect the previous owner acquired it seperately. It's much better than 'entry level'. If these drums actually come with such a stand [and if you prefer black over red], figger a '5' for their genre [entry level conga pair].

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2010-06-04.

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