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The drum kit is what I mainly play, but my passion for percussive instruments is not limited to just that. Iím sure that most of us, drummers, share the same passion for hand drums as we have for cymbals and drum sets. The Cp Lp Djembe was introduced to me, partially because Iím a musician, partially because I love drinking and partially because I love drum circles. After jamming with one of these djembes at a friendís party I decided to purchase it. Besides being the entry-level djembe drum model made by Latin Percussion, its astonishing construction and tonal sound qualities makes it well worth the buy.

Currently priced at $259.00 at the Latin Percussion website, I only paid $200 at a local store.

Because of its size and construction, this djembe produces nice warm, low pitch tonalities but without loosing its attack definition. It has a perfect height so it can be played comfortably while seating. This also gives the capability of playing around with its tone since you can incline it, changing the openness of its base. Another great feature is that itís is a tunable djembe, so you can manipulate its tuning as well. The rubber ring on its bottom makes the drum adhered to the floor while providing protection and isolation from it . I was also able to record some really good sounds of it on my home studio. Not bad for a beginnerís djembe drum.

The Cp Lp is created of kiln dried, environmentally friendly Siam Oak. Comes with a 12,5Ē natural goat skin head. Its hardware and wood body have great construction qualities.

Really good sounding djembe with a very decent price tag. Great for those who are just beginning to hand drum or for those who want to increase their drum collection.

mtebaldi rated this unit 3 on 2010-08-05.

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