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My dad actually bought this guitar secondhand in 1975 at an old pawn shop for not alot of money ($200 or something close) it was in perfect condition although the tuning pegs were useless so my dad changed them to gold, also the model name wasn't stamped anywhere else apart from the sticker in acoustic chamber which is now missing. The serial number is '442368' so if anyone knows what model it is and what year I'd be grateful!

It sounds as good as a Martin!! its got this full and glorious ringing, glass like harmony and tone about it. It looks great despite the wear and tear it's endured during its travels (my dad used it on his ship to relieve stress on voyages so it's basically been all over the world!) It's a true vintage guitar, and the company are also not around now but I don't know why as this guitar is great!

It can be quite hard to play, the neck probably has been a bit stressed over the years with the climate changes. The laquer has cracked on the guitar and I should've taken more care of it as it has various scratches and wear and tear. I guess it adds character and it still looks fine. Sometimes it goes out of tune easily and it needs heavy strings to sound its best which also makes it harder to play.

Since it's lasted to long and been around the world I have no doubts that this guitar is a quality made instrument and it has certainly aged nicely, the binding now has the natural aged cream effect about it, everything is intact apart from the sticker inside which at some point has been removed for some reason.

I like this guitar alot, and it's work isn't finished yet. This Christmas I'm going out busking in my local town to raise money for charity with it, I hope it will do me proud and its loud enough to use without an amplifier, most of all I love the sounds you can get from it. A rare bargain, I don't know if it's got antique value so if anyone can tell me more about its origins I'd be grateful!

Matthew J Weaver rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-02.

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