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Purchased from a company called Maurice Placquet, Acton, London 1964 It was ordered new from manufacturer it's original purchase price was 50 including a hard carrying case. had to wait for delivery

The Levin is a solidly built guitar with full deep tones, it has been kept in the original hard case and stays in tune even when not used for some time. I have actually taken the guitar out after one year of not being used and not had to re-tune!

The frets are a little wider than I would like but manageable, the strings are quite hard to press at first, but practice and a few dents in your fingers solves this problem

The unit is very robust and excellently built it is also quite comfortable when used with a shoulder strap

The guitar is comfortable to play although the strings can be quite hard to press at first, it produces a full pleasant sound,and stays in tune. When I purchased the unit I also added a DeArmond pick up which works well with amplification, as the guitar was originally bought for rhythm and backing. I am also trying to find out what it's current value might be, if any one has some idea please let me know

Rod White rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-18.

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