Lightwave Sabre SL Reviews 5

This is for the 4 string model of the Sabre SL bass by Lightwave. The finish is called Ultra black. What makes these basses so original is their Light Wave System pickup design. Basically instead of magnets sensing the vibrations of the strings, an infrared light does.

I was able to demo this at the new Sam Ash in NYC. The cost of this bass is $1200. I couldn't put the bass down, such a fun bass to play.

If you have ever heard the phrase 'it sustains like a grand piano' this bass does that and more. The bass nearly played itself. The dynamic range was incredible. The Active EQ was very user friendly. If I recall correctly the knobs are bass, treble, master volume and blend.

Not at all, I was blown away by this instrument.

Very lightweight. The neck was comfortable. The finish is Ultrablack which is just a common shiny black finish. The hardware felt solid. The bass really stayed in tune well. I have to give credit to the lack of magnetic pull of standard pickups for that.

LightWave is definitely breaking new ground with this bass. I'm excited to see what they think up next!

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-02-21.

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