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Line 6 POD X3 Live

Although Line 6 has released a new line of PODs (the HD series), the POD X3 still has some useful aspects. I really the Matchless, Orange, Budda, etc. amp sims in the X3, but they are missing in the HD series. Hopefully, Line 6 updates the firmware of the HD series in the future with more amp models. Until then, the X3 has the most number of d... [read more on Audiofanzine]

tarrtime rated this unit 4 on 2012-12-10.

What thing do you like most/least about it? The best part of Line 6 gear is the way it makes your gigs and recordings so much easier. Want a simple live setup? Bring the X3 Live, your guitar and some cables to a gig, connect to the PA, get sound in your monitor or in-ears and you're good to go. No lugging around a bunch of gear. For recording... [read more on Audiofanzine]

rockerdad rated this unit 4 on 2011-05-15.

Nice job Line 6. The POD X3 Live is packed with cool stuff to experiment with, has multiple line processing capabilities, supports multiple instruments/vocals, can be interfaced to anything from an amp, PA, computer or other recording device, contains tons of amp, cab, and effects models, and is all bundled together for around 5 benjamins. Cant ... [read more on Audiofanzine]

Line6Fan rated this unit 3 on 2008-11-27.

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