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Broken guitar on E bay 56.00 U.S.

Classic Les Paul style. After I repaired the headstock and neck I painted the face black and did classic hot rod flames. I then put the old girl back together,hoping for the best. Damn what a surprise THIS THING ROCKS I love this guitar it now looks like a million bucks and plays great too.


Cheap copy of a LP ,plywood body with an arch top, bolt on neck. I really bought it for the parts,but once it arrived I knew I could repair it.I have plenty of body shop experience! Now I wouldnt sell it. Action is great, tuners arent too good, but can be replaced.

I own a Jay Turser Les Paul vine that I like better but for 56.00 this thing is great. these guitars are going real cheap on E BAY right now I would advise anybody looking for a cheap L P to try one.

Dave Strock rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-09.

$80 From a friend who didn't need it

This guitar has taken a hell of a beating and just won't die. I got it for next to nothing, because my friend no longer needed it. It is a VERY HEAVY guitar, so it's not for you if you have sensative shoulders - but i love weight in a guitar. The factory pickups are really really good for an offbrand guitar. You get a really deep heavy tone - which is what i want - but the highs aren't exacatally incredible. Overall, it has VERY killer tone for what they usually cost (around $100 from what i've seen)

My only complaints are 1. The tone nobs tend to come off easily- but i guess that's to be expected 2. String breakage. You pretty much have to use a thin pick to keep from changing strings twice a week. I'm not sure if it's because of the low set tailpiece or because the saddles on the bridge are rough or what - but if you play hard with a thick pick, have an extra set around at all times. also..if you tune low, the lowest string tends to drop out of tune after quite a bit of hard playing

THis guitar is ungodly sturdy. It fell out of my stand and onto it's face on concrete once, which knocked the toggle switch out of it. I simply wired in the bridge pickup (pretty much all i use anyway)and continued playing to this day with a little hole there instead. I make it a habit of tossing this guitar on stage and taking a dive into the pit, and when i get back to it it's just a little out of tune. The action hasn't messed up in all the times i've tossed it. (punk induced alt metal, in case you hadn't guess my genre)

Overall, this guitar is righteous and kickass for it's price. I can't imagine that namebrands are better enough to account for the thousands more they cost. If you're a not-so-loaded gigging musician - this is your ticket. Beat the hell out of it every night and it'll still give the same delivery you expect of it. Nice heavy little axe.

Doug Lewis rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-30.

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