Ludwig "67" Classic Reviews 5

My parents bought it for me as a gift about five years ago off of a friend's nephew of my step dads. It has been in thier family since it was purchased. They paid 300 for it. It is a four piece set and was all original even the mounted cymbal stand and the heads!!!! The date it was made was March 16, 1967.

I like every thing about it. it is white marine pearl but it has a yellowish green color from aging( I love the W.M.P. because the color is unique and it really stands out). it is a maple and sounds killer. i eventually i got all new hardware because it was too light. It came with a speed king bass pedal but it broke. Ludwig makes great drums and they always will.

I like every thing my set has to offer. I said it once and i will probably say it a million times LUDWIG MAKES GREAT SETS!!!!!!! other drummers say there isn't enough bass in it or it isn't modern enough, but the musicians over 25 thinks it kicks ass. Alot of pros use Ludwig Ringo Starr, John Bonham from LED ZEPPLIN to name a few. my parents are getting me a new set for College honestly i don't need one but i am getting a Ludwig Classic birch.

great. hasn't broke yet doubt it ever will.

1 to 5 i would give it a 10.

mike unger email me at rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-10.

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