Ludwig 2003 Accent 5 Piece Reviews 5

I bought this set online through for $330 along with new heads and cymbals which were not included with original kit. After much research, it seemed like the best deal for the best quality. I couldnt have been more right.

Wow! All I can say is that I whole heartedly agreee with every other review Ive read with other Ludwig products and especially their drumsets. I dont even know where to start..lets see. First off, they gave me everything I needed to get started including a throne. Instead of clubmsy, awkward paper instructions no one can understand, they gave me an instructional video. I actually was so excited to out this beautiful piece of technology together that I did nt even watch it, but it was there just in case. The shells and snare are Taiwanese mahagony with a very solid construction. The lugs and fasteners were polished chrome and had all kinds of adjustments. The hardware is double braced and incredibly sturdy. Once I put my special heads on and tuned them the way I wanted, the have a beautiful, warm sound. I like my toms to have a quick but deep punchy sound and these shells achieve that with brilliance. The finish is wrapped and looks great! I cant wait to get home from work and start playing them!

Only 1 thing which, in all fairness, is the problem with any new kit that you buy. When they give a ludwig kit, they give you Ludwig heads that sound terrible. They make amazingly well crafted drums, not heads. To achieve the sound I wanted, I needed thick, non-resonant heads that delivered a tight punch. I decided to take those flimbsy pieces of crap and replaced the tops with Evans Hydraulics and Remo Pinstripes on bottom. Now the toms and snare sound absolutely perfect. The bas drum Im still working on but it doesnt sound too bad. The standard LP bass pedal isnt too bad. Its chain driven but the base of the pedal is kinda flimbsy and wobbly. It still works pretty well so I cant really complain.

Well, its a Ludwig! Enough said. Theyve been making drums for over 50 years and their experience shows. Every little piece is heavy duty right down to the lugs. The bearing edges are perfectly round and tuning is a breeze. The wood is very solid and the drums feel very well constructed in general. Except for Pearl and some Yamahas Ive seen, Ludwig really does make the best drums in the world. You can tell this babys going to last for many years!

The bottom line is, if youre low on dough and you want the best for your money, this kit is an excellent starter and it will take you onto your professional career as well. The construction and quality are fantastic, the sound it produces is beautiful and the price cant be beat! DONT BUY AN OFF BRAND KIT. YOU WILL WASTE YOUR MONEY! Ludwig, you rock!!!

rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-30.

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