Ludwig 2003 Accent 5-piece Standard Reviews 5

I bought this kit off of for $329.99, along with Zildjian ZBTs which did not come with the set, and drum ring mufflers. At the time, I had a limit of about $400 to spend. So I overthought the idea of getting a Pulse drumkit with cymbals, which cost $299.99, and decided to get this Ludwig kit instead, because it seemed like a better deal, and I knew about Ludwig alot more.

After tuning and setting up all of the drums the day it arrived, I couldnt believe my ears after playing a few rythms on my new kit. I was shocked by the quality and not to mention the deep, open round tone that this kit produced. I partly disagree with some of the other reiviews, about how the heads with the kit were flimbsy and resonant. You could spend $50 at least on all new heads, when you could just slip on some Zero-ring tom mufllers, and , viola, you have that deep, smooth punch! tone. But I do have to agree that the heads are not very thick either, but they are good overall. It's your money, do with it what you will. And some people dont like the look of rings or mufflers on their heads, but in my opinion, i do. Everything about this kit was outstanding. The lugs are heavyduty, the hardware is sturdy and double braced, not to mention that the kit even came with a throne, to save me the time of wasting another $50 on a throne of the same quality seperately. I really love this kit mainly because of it's versatilty. You can jack up the toms and snare super tight to have a fusion sound kit, or have the toms and snare loose for that deep sound of a rock kit. I especially love the shells, too, because they allow that PUNCH! sound of the toms. The bass drum sounds extremely well, thanks to the built in mufflers on both heads. And last but not least, the wrapped finish is beautiful, whichever color you choose.

There was one thing I didnt like about this kit-the kick pedal. It was just too light for my taste, and it was a little flimsy. So i replaced it with a Drum work shop pedal with a plastic beater, put a Gibralter click pad on the head, and my bass drum sound transformed from marching bass drum to that powerful, clicking, deadened Kick bass drum of a rock kit.

Even though Ive already been through this, the cymbal stand and snare stand are very sturdy. I like the design of the cymbal topper, and it was double braced. The lugs were very durable and the shells were all perfectly round, and feel very well manufactured and constructed. It will last you a lifetime.

An awesome kit!!! I recommend this kit to any level drummer, not to be mistaken as a crappy junior or starter kit. It's very versatile, you can make this kit sound like two different sets with the turn of a drum key! There is no other drumset in the world that can beat this one, not at that price! Buy this drum set....Now!!!

christian14 rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-27.

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