Ludwig 5pc Junior Drum Set Reviews 4

This set comes with red laquered shells, but I believe is also available in blue and black. I was going to get the black, but the red was pretty sharp so we stuck with that. This kit was for my kid, who just turned 5. Supposedly the age range is 4 to 8 for this set.

Bought online, I think Musicians Friend according to my wife. Paid about $280. Was looking for a Christmas gift for my son, but ended up setting it up and playing with it, and subsequently giving it to him well ahead of Christmas

Pretty good quality. This is a Ludwig kit, complete with cymbals. Nearly everything the boy will need - bass drum, snare, hi-hats, toms, crash cymbals, and all stands and hardware. Just can't believe everything was included for the price.

For a 4 to 8 year old, there are some sharp corners and other things you might need to watch. I would recommend this for 5 and up. I think 4 is a little too young I think they can get a little banged up if they hit something wrong.

Pretty darn good quality. I'm sure the shells aren't maple, but they have a nice little tone and seem sturdy enough. The hardware is decent too.

Overally, we're super pleased. We'll see how this kit holds up, but for under three hundred bucks, a Ludwig 5 piece set with cymbals for a young child is an incredible deal. We think he'll get several good years out of this, and if he doesn't end up taking to the drums, then no major loss - Dad can use it to play around and record with, haha.

Happy Dad rated this unit 4 on 2009-11-18.

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