Ludwig Accent Combo 5 Piece Reviews 5

I got this set for christmas this year and it cost $380 for everything

i love the whole thing, im just starting out but i know its a good enuff kit, it came w/ zyldjian cymbals too

well, the snare rattles and theres a lot of overtones in the toms but thats probly my fault cause im not the best tuner, and it needs a new clutch for the hats

its good quality, i havent had a serious problem with it.

well, its a great starter kit, i love them. my cousin has a tama swingstar, and it sounds Almost as good, but i still need new heads on the bottom sides of the toms so that should make it sound a lot better and get rid of the overtones

some drummer that likes drums rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-09.

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