Ludwig Bronze 14" Snare Reviews 5

I acquired this snare drum as a gift (the MSRP is $150).

This is the snare I have always wanted but had not been able to find. I added this piece to a Pearl Export series drum set. Someone else apparently liked my snare so much that they stole it, and left the rest of the drum kit. Anyway, the sound is incredible, and if you play indie rock or similar music this will give you the sound you want. It is neither tinny nor flat, but the perfect in-between.

The look of the drum did not match my white drum set, however, the snare is relatively hidden from view, so the look is not critical. I had the hammered bronze, and grew to like the look over time.

Excellent construction, excellent quality.

I submit this review as a recommendation of this snare for indie rock and other drummers.

ssg4723 rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-08.

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