Ludwig CS Custom Maple Zep Set Reviews 5

Various, blues rock in a band more hobbyist than gigging.

Local store in Cardiff paid 2449 ulp I know it sounds a lot but hey ho it's great

BIG SOUND, toms resonate like a bugger, low end sounds like a herd of elephants charging through your practice room, supraphonic has endless tuning ranges it WILL cut through anything even our bass players turd cannon (If you've sat by his amp you'll know what I mean) bass drum sounds huge, we play in a large community hall and the thump is unreal, in fact all of the drums are.

Nothing not to like.

Built like tanks, try loading these buggers up every week you soon have a love hate relation with them. Quality is superb okay you get more fancy features with other makes, but these are classically built well. Took an engineer mate along with me DW, OCDP, masterworks and Saturns on display and he went staight for the Ludwigs on quality "They just look quality".

Not the easiest drums to tune, but when right OH LORDY these are the muts nuts, heard so much other kits, and indeed heard Mapex and Pearl, but sorry they just don,t compare, maybe the DW do but then for the same set up well, go figure price wise hell at least try them if you can find them.

Jonny C rated this unit 5 on 2008-03-07.

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